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LighTopTech’s technology is called GDOCM 4D™ (Gabor Domain Optical Coherence Microscopy). GDOCM 4D™ produces two- and three-dimensional images of many materials including organic tissue, polymers and glass. With LighTopTech’s nondestructive technology, imaging can be done rapidly and reliably. The technology allows imaging up to a maximum depth of 2 mm for composite materials and 0.6 mm for organic tissue such as skin. The maximum resolution for imaging both materials and organic tissue is 2 micrometers in all dimensions. 

GDOCM 4D™ allows medical professionals to rapidly and noninvasively image subcellular structures beneath the surface of the skin or within the human eye. The applications for LighTopTech’s imaging solutions also extend to material imaging for manufacturing; they can capture details inside materials to monitor the quality of the manufacturing process, thus improving quality and yield. 

LighTopTech’s new standard in rapid nondestructive high-resolution imaging uses a proprietary bioinspired microscope design with liquid lens technology. This lens dynamically refocuses at different depths inside the sample to obtain high-resolution three-dimensional images of materials.

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