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LighTopTech’s new standard in rapid nondestructive high-resolution imaging uses a proprietary biomimetic microscope design with liquid lens technology. This lens dynamically refocuses at different depths inside the sample to nondestructively obtain high-resolution volumetric images of materials.

Nondestructive imaging

Using near infrared light, our technology lets you see microscopic structures deep inside a sample.

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Biomimetic Technology

Using a proprietary microscope design inspired by whale eyes, we get high-definition imaging throughout a volume of material. High-definition three-dimensional imaging has never been so easy.

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What can it do for you?

Do you want to inspect a sample of tissue or material without cutting it and/or destroying it? We can help.

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In just seconds this liquid-lens system can capture a sharp two-dimensional image in depth. Also a collection of these images from a range of lateral scans can be combined to create a three-dimensional image. Even that only takes minutes.BioOptics World
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