Cristina Canavesi and Jannick Rolland, co-founders of LighTopTech, recently co-authored an invited paper on “Ten Years of Gabor-Domain Optical Coherence Microscopy“. The open access paper can be found at

ABSTRACT: Gabor-domain optical coherence microscopy (GDOCM) is a high-definition imaging technique leveraging principles of low-coherence interferometry, liquid lens technology, high-speed imaging, and precision scanning. GDOCM achieves isotropic 2 μm resolution in 3D, effectively breaking the cellular resolution limit of optical coherence tomography (OCT). In the ten years since its introduction, GDOCM has been used for cellular imaging in 3D in a number of clinical applications, including dermatology, oncology and ophthalmology, as well as to characterize materials in industrial applications. Future developments will enhance the structural imaging capability of GDOCM by adding functional modalities, such as fluorescence and elastography, by estimating thicknesses on the nano-scale, and by incorporating machine learning techniques.